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What gets me is when I go in public the following day and talk to folks at coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, filling stations, colleges, or possibly with the postal service, the lending company, or perhaps just out walking their dog in the park - I remember that they seem to "think" they've formed an impression about some issue, again lately this has been political, and so they wish to talk to someone about it, and let me know whatever they think. No problem here, I have two ears and something mouth and then try to make use of them in this ratio obviously. It turns out individuals weren't thinking at all, rather they just recite the identical opinion that's played for the TV the evening before.

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Soon, just like its biggest competitors English, Spanish and French, everyone is likely to speak Swahili. Now just for the record, I'm not some "disillusioned writer obsessed with the need for Swahili to rule the entire world and control people's lives forever" form of guy. No. I just honestly think that this kind of growing language could eventually get world attention. So anyway, why learn Swahili? Where's the motivation? The fun?


4. Exercise regularly doing something you enjoy. No one really wants to exercise when they start. It makes your body sore and it can seem boring. However, after -3 weeks a lot of people love exercise and the way commemorate them feel. Diabetics especially can be helped by exercise, since weight loss plays a part in a far more level blood glucose level. The trick is to use a fitness program that you simply find enjoyable. That can be anything from ballroom dancing with a game of tennis. Find something you love to do, which will cause you to be more prone to stick with it. Even better, start exercising with a friend in order to be each other's motivation. Your friend will keep you moving and you'll appreciate the inspiration.